Reading time: 1 minute Mar 25th 2010

I am asked quite a lot how can I possibly teach Charisma to other people. Surely it is a trait some people have and others don’? Well actually, nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t believe you can ‘get’ charisma because I believe you already have it. It is something that we all have and are born with. You will never meet a boring kid because when we are young, we act free, fun and interesting. We allow ourselves to roam free therefore we keep peoples attention.

The problem comes when we start placing restrictions on our personality. We hide who we are in order to protect ourselves from the three fears that hold us back: fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment and fear of failure. We avoid what we fear by living a life behind a mask and fitting in with the monotony of everyday life and the typical world.

The solution is to break free from these fears and get back to being ourselves as fully as we can be. When I do the Art of Charisma course, that’s exactly what I help people to do. My goal is to teach them how they can let go of fear and fully be themselves. This means learning to be comfortable in their own skin so they can be playful and fun and then they can learn some outside skills on charisma.

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