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The legend Muhammad Ali passed away recently. On this very sad occasion, the world was treated to much of the television footage of Ali claiming he was the king of the world before each fight. He demonstrated an unshakeable belief in himself. He showed qualities we could all learn from.

One of the things that I’ve learned over the years is that when you have absolute certainty on your side, you become far more capable than without it. The ability to believe with all your conviction can not only help you perform at your best but it often changes the minds of others much more effectively.

When Steve Jobs convinced his team that something was possible contrary to their original belief, he used what became known as his reality distortion field. Indeed, he was so sure of something being possible that his conviction was contagious. We can all learn from this but how do we build such a strong sense of certainty and avoid making a big mistake?

The first thing to understand is that we can never be completely sure of anything if we work within the bounds of logic. History has shown us that reality has an incredible fondness for upsetting the expectation of the masses. So, if you are planning to be accurate all the time then absolute certainty may not always be the best strategy.

The reason this can be a wonderful strategy is because, in many ways, we create our own reality through the decisions we make. When you believe in something being possible, you are much more likely to make it happen regardless of whether it has been done before. It won’t guarantee it happens but it makes it more likely. So, the very belief that you can do it, makes it more possible.

This means that sometimes you have to develop a belief in the face of contradiction or despite a lack of evidence. How do you do this? Very simply… you imagine it being possible over and over again. You tell yourself it’s possible over and over again. You act with every fibre of your soul that it’s possible… over and over again. You train your mind to see it again and again.

To be really effective, it is a good idea to briefly consider what will happen if it doesn’t work out and resolve that you’ll simply learn and move on. This provides you with a sense of freedom from worry or stressing about it. Instead, you know regardless that you will handle it so you are acting completely from a position of strength. Then, you go right back to vividly seeing yourself winning and succeeding over and over again.

When we see the likes of Ali or Jobs, we get to see this strong mentality in action. The conviction in yourself leads to you pushing yourself to the strongest level possible. You train yourself to do this by investing mental energy in the things you want to manifest. If you find yourself doubting at all, you become vigilant with your mind and refuse to dwell on anything but success. Doing this creates a sense of strength and certainty that can be immensely powerful.

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