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Many people are looking for an incredible life. They work on themselves on a continuous basis to develop the skill sets that will allow them to succeed. Along the way they face many challenges, and have to adapt to the changing circumstances that they find themselves in, in an effort to continuously move forward because they believe that the ideal life is just around the corner.

In order for you to make that future come alive for you and to create that reality, what are the kinds of changes that you need to make? To me, there are five corner aspects of real life that you need to change in order to make the most incredible future for yourself.

These five areas are changes that you can make today but they will only bear fruit over the course of the next few days, weeks, months and years. As you go through each area, I want you to consider how important that specific change will be for you and what kind of implications it will have on your future.


The first type of changes that you can make in your life are physical changes. These includes changing your body shape, changing the clothes that you wear, changing your make up or your hair or changing other physical attributes. When people go on diets or exercise regularly, often they do so in order to lose weight or look different. Sometimes there are health aspects to this as well. The key is that you are trying to create a different experience of the world for yourself because if you’re no longer struggling with health problems or if you’re getting more advantages in your interactions with other people as a result of the way you look, you will find that the world you’re experiencing is different to the one you’ve experienced before.


The next set of changes that you can make in your life are emotional changes. This is about changing the way in which you feel. Your emotions become habits. As these emotions are felt by you, they become almost second nature to you. You can find yourself beginning to get addicted to your own negative feelings simply because they are familiar. When you change the emotions you feel regularly, you begin to feel differently which, in turn, changes the way you think and changes the way you behave. When you change the way you think, you also change the decisions that you make. When you change the way you behave you change the results that you get. So, you see, changing your emotions play a huge part in transforming your life.


Changing your behaviour also affects your identity or who you believe you are. In order to decide who we are, we look to our behaviours. When your beliefs about yourself are in conflict with your behaviour, this process is known as cognitive dissonance. This is a form of conflict that arises as a result of the lack of alignment between our beliefs and behaviours. 

When you start engaging in a new behaviour, this new behaviour creates cognitive dissonance which is then satisfied by you changing who you believe you are. So, changing what you do has a big impact upon your thinking. Of course, these actions you take also lead to changes in what happens around you as well.


The next type of changes that you can make in your life are environmental. When you change your environment, it allows you to change what you experience in the world. It can often influence our behaviour. When you alter who and what you surround yourself with, it makes you more likely to make certain decisions over others. It will impact how likely you are to believe certain ideas. It will make some behaviours more likely to happen than others. In short, we are very much affected by our environments and when we shift them, we get a different experience as a result.


Your attitude is the last type of change that you can make which can have huge implications on what kind of transformation you make. Your attitude reflects how you think about and see the world. It helps you interpret your experiences on an ongoing basis. As a result, you build certain points of view and perspectives of the world around you. This can be useful or not useful. The beauty of changing your attitude is that, once you do, you can see the world in a whole new light. This has ramifications on every other aspect of your life including your environment, behaviours, emotions or even your body. 

When you are looking to change, these 5 different change areas will play the biggest part in determining how likely the changes will last as well as how much it will affect your everyday experience. Each of these change areas also influence each other, so when you try to make a change in one you may well need to incorporate changes in one or two of the others. This complex process has plenty to it but there are a few simple strategies and tricks to help you change more easily in a way that works.

For many years, l have researched the process of why people don’t change and why change doesn’t last. Along the way I have learned some very valuable insights. I will be sharing these insights very soon on Thursday 2nd July 2020 at 7pm Irish time (2pm Eastern). This FREE masterclass is called ‘The Psychology of Changing your Life’ and I’ll be explaining the very things that get in our way from making long lasting transformations and 7 things you can do to make these changes happen. To register while there still is time, just click here.

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