You already have the gift of the gab

Reading time: 1 minute Mar 25th 2010

I am asked quite a lot how can I possibly teach Charisma to other people. Surely it is a trait some people have and others don’? Well actually, nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t believe you can ‘get’ charisma because I believe you already have it. It is something that we all have and are born with….

You are not what you DO!

Reading time: 2 minutes Mar 25th 2010

One of the biggest mistakes people make in NLP is they confuse a persons behavior with their identity. As soon as you label a person a ‘visual’ you are immediately making a gigantic mistake. The truth is that people are never ‘visuals’ or ‘auditories’ or ‘kinesthetic’. Instead, they are people who do stuff. Sometimes they use visual terms more often….

Welcome to my Blog

Reading time: Less than a minute Oct 28th 2009

So, I have created a Blog as a means to connect with anyone who wants to learn more about getting the most out of life and building their business. The blog will be live and active from June 2010 and you will find lots of videos and posts that I hope add lots of value to your life and business.