The Art of Relating

Reading time: 1 minute May 1st 2010

One of the most important distinctions I have learned about relationships is the different between ‘having a relationship’ and ‘relating to your partner’. Far too often, we talk about it and think about it as if it is a static entity. The truth is that you and your partner are constantly changing, evolving and your relationship is too. By seeing…

Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy

Reading time: Less than a minute May 1st 2010

This is such a brilliant interview I think that reminds us of perspective especially in light of our recent volcano traveling escapade! [youtube][/youtube]

The Fundamental Key of Body Language

Reading time: 1 minute May 1st 2010

Many people make a big mistake when trying to gauge another persons body language. They think if the eyes move in a certain direction it automatically means something… or if the persons legs or crossed it means something else. The reality is that the body language of someone reveals clues to their thoughts and feelings only through a cluster of…

5 Keys to Relationship Selling

Reading time: 3 minutes May 1st 2010

One of the things that has occurred to me while creating the new website is that the process of making money from a product or service often falls into two categories. Simple Selling and Relationship Selling. Simple Selling in many ways is the old model. Supply and Demand. There are many examples of it out there. You want something so…

Brilliant Teaching

Reading time: 2 minutes Mar 26th 2010

One of the areas that I have found NLP exceptionally effective is in the area of teaching. A friend and colleague of mine, Kate Benson, International Director for Education in the Society of NLP, has taught me a lot about the difference between how NLP is applied in NLP and Corporate Training and the teaching world. In the teaching world,…

5 Comments on NLP

Reading time: 1 minute Mar 26th 2010

First NLP forums. Ugh. That sums it up best. It’s not that I have a problem withe everyone that posts. I like a few of the people that post a lot and are quite active. My problem comes when people use forums as an attempt to show how smart they are and try to become gurus online. I want to…

NLP Politics

Reading time: 3 minutes Mar 26th 2010

Warning: The following is written by someone who is blatantly biased. He believes in the Richard Bandler ‘approach’ to NLP.

DYING ON STAGE: How to not end up dead because of what you said.

Reading time: 3 minutes Mar 25th 2010

I do understand terror of public speaking. I know what it’s like to stand up in front of a blood thirsty audience vying for you to fail so they can shake their heads full of contempt and mockingly laugh you off. Actually, the only place that this happens is in our minds. The reality is most people don’t actually care…

How to persuade anyone that black is white

Reading time: 4 minutes Mar 25th 2010

One of the coolest things I have learned in my studies on the field of persuasion and influence is that you can convince anyone of anything if you work hard enough at learning the skills. As a demonstration of this let’s take an concept that is obviously wrong… that black is white and examine how you might convince someone of…


Reading time: 2 minutes Mar 25th 2010

So to any newbies who haven’t heard of NLP or aren’t sure what it stands for, the N is for Neuro, the L is for Linguistic and the P stands for Programming. The story goes that Richard Bandler (the co-founder & creative genius behind NLP) was pulled over by the cops one day and asked what his job was. Richard…