NLP Posts

Reading time: 1 minute Jun 1st 2010

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be posting Videos and Posts on NLP both teaching basic & advanced skills as well as giving my perspective on the field itself and how best to learn, develop and master the skills of NLP. The material using the techniques and skills of NLP that I use are used with express written…

Principles of Persuasion: Social Proof

Reading time: Less than a minute Jun 1st 2010

Here is an explanation of the principle of social proof.

Principles of Persuasion: Scarcity

Reading time: Less than a minute Jun 1st 2010

Here is an explanation of the principle of Scarcity in Persuasion.

Keys to Effective Productive Study

Reading time: 2 minutes Jun 1st 2010

Here are some tips on being productive when you study:

1. Study the Exam

Make sure you identify the basic structure of the exam.
How long is it? What are the type of questions? What areas do they cover?
What kind of answer do they want?

The BATNA Award

Reading time: 1 minute May 31st 2010

Most of us have heard of the BAFTA Awards, but what I think is really relevant and important to learn about the the ‘BATNA’ award. This award is an award you can give yourself before you enter any negotiation to ensure that you do the best job possible. BATNA stands for the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. Basically, it…

Dr. Richard Bandler

Reading time: 2 minutes May 30th 2010

Richard Bandler is one of the greatest geniuses of our time in my opinion. A maverick in the field of personal change, Richard turned the field of psychology on it’s head by his revolutionary discoveries in how to help people change the way they think, feel and behave. Richard Bandler began his work in the early 1970’s in co-founding NLP…

7 ways to Banish your Fear of Public Speaking

Reading time: 1 minute May 19th 2010

Here are 7 different ways of thinking to help you feel more confident in front of an audience. 1) You are the one at the front of the room. That means you are in control. You can tell them to do something and they will more than likely do it. 2) The audience wants you to succeed. They are rooting…

The Sales Personality

Reading time: 2 minutes May 19th 2010

Many people believe in the sales personality. They have the idea that a person is either a born salesperson or they are not. I can understand where they got this impression. To some people, sales seems to come so natural while others struggle massively in their efforts. So, is there a sales personality? Well, the truth is that there is…

The Elements of Effective Negotiation

Reading time: 1 minute May 19th 2010

People often use the expression ‘to make a big deal about something’ referring to when someone discusses something as if it is really important. In the corporate world, big deals are indeed important. Billions of dollars are often at stake when a number of large corporations come together to make a deal. Deal making is an essential skill and there…

John LaValle

Reading time: 1 minute May 1st 2010

John LaValle is one of the top NLP trainers and Sales trainers in the world. He personifies the New Jersey Attitude and is hilarious and exceptionally skillful on stage. His understanding of the various NLP models are second to none. John has a powerful ability to create rapport with international audiences and his ability to understand and utilize nuances and…