Reading time: 2 minutes Jun 1st 2010

Here are some tips on being productive when you study:

1. Study the Exam

Make sure you identify the basic structure of the exam.
How long is it? What are the type of questions? What areas do they cover?
What kind of answer do they want?
What do you need to know to give them that?
Always read the questions carefully.
Answer the question asked rather than just pouring out information.

2. Learn to Prioritise

Start with the hardest subject each day.
Focus on getting that dealt with first when your concentration is at it’s best.
Decide on what your weakest subjects are and study accordingly.
Create a strategy to ensure to you get the points you want.
What exams are most important for your points?
Plan your study. Which exams are first? Which need more study?

3. Organise your study

Study in 1 hour segments, then take a short break.
Your brain needs a break. Go for a walk. Day dream for a few minutes… it will help.
Mix the subjects up. Avoid just doing only one subject as the brain needs newness.
Review the topic after an hour and then again after a day and after a week.
Use Mind Maps to help you remember key points.

4. Learn to Switch Off

Create time for fresh air, exercise and relaxation time. You’ll feel better.
This means being able to let go of mental effort and simply relax.
Eat healthily and get plenty of sleep.
Wind down before bed. And get a good nights sleep.
Eat healthily. Not stimulants which are sugar hits.
You have to look after yourself to maximise the best use of your time.
Reward yourself when you get a block of study done.
Reward yourself. Go to the cinema, watch a DVD, or eat something nice
This will improve your motivation and focus.

5. Be Mentally Prepared.

Create the same conditions as you will experience in your exam.
Imagine the environment as being the same.
Make it so you are preparing for your exam in every way possible.
Remember the exam is like a sports event.
You practice by studying and do it as much as possible in the same conditions.

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