Blood: Is yours alive or dead? by John O’Connell

Reading time: 5 minutes Jan 29th 2011

One of the most important things I have learned over the past 10 years is that in order to build health, in order to increase your energy, in order to lose and maintain your weight with reasonable ease you must have good blood. Most of us would never think about our blood unless we cut ourselves. We simply look at…

6 Tips for a Great 2011

Reading time: Less than a minute Jan 23rd 2011

It’s a little long… 8 minutes but has some good suggestions on making 2011 a super year.

A Skeptics Guide to Self Improvement

Reading time: 11 minutes Oct 12th 2010

I come from a land often associated with blarney. We, the Irish, are known for being great storytellers and to exaggerate from time to time. That is part of our classical stereotype as well as the drink side of things. Of course there is a grain of truth is most stereotypes. But my country is also a nation that holds…

Sports: 5 Principles of Brilliant Performers

Reading time: 1 minute Jun 17th 2010

In this video, I share what I consider to be 5 key principles that lead to the very best performers in sport and business. They include: Self Belief, Performance Focus, Double Edged Motivation, Bounce-ability and the Desire to Excel.

Sports: 3 Differences between a PMA and Champions Mindset

Reading time: 1 minute Jun 16th 2010

In this video I have explained what I believe are three differences between a Positive Mental Attitude and a Champions Mindset in the way they approach competition.

My favourite use of English… EVER!!!!

Reading time: 1 minute Jun 8th 2010

This is definitely my favourite use of English. I found it in a hotel in Japan… ever time I read it I go giddy with laughter. Still can’t stop. In case you’ve trouble reading it, it says: “Please get off going to the working breakfast place up to the extending the second floor once in the Palace pavilion by the…

Inside the Personality of Me (Owen)

Reading time: 4 minutes Jun 3rd 2010

Usually it takes a bunch of posts to get to know the poster. So for those of you who want to save time here’s a quick list to get to know me better: 1. I am tragically flawed. I am not perfect nor do I profess to be. In fact I have a list of testimonials of how this is…

The Art of Relating

Reading time: 1 minute May 1st 2010

One of the most important distinctions I have learned about relationships is the different between ‘having a relationship’ and ‘relating to your partner’. Far too often, we talk about it and think about it as if it is a static entity. The truth is that you and your partner are constantly changing, evolving and your relationship is too. By seeing…

Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy

Reading time: Less than a minute May 1st 2010

This is such a brilliant interview I think that reminds us of perspective especially in light of our recent volcano traveling escapade! [youtube][/youtube]

A Classic Take off… Tony Bobbins

Reading time: Less than a minute Mar 25th 2010