Why I don’t want to be Brian O’Driscoll

Reading time: 4 minutes Jun 2nd 2014

Brian O’Driscoll can be annoying. Not personally as I don’t know him personally. Not professionally either as I haven’t worked with him. In terms of what he has achieved and what he has in his life, it can be annoying that someone can be so successful. He is adored all over Ireland. He is respected by rugby fans worldwide as…

The Secrets of Champions: Relentless Discipline

The Secrets of Champions: Relentless Discipline
Reading time: 3 minutes May 28th 2014

Earlier this year, I had the fortune to work in my capacity as a performance coach with the Stirling Clansmen (the 2014 American Football British National Champions). Although I played a very small part in helping them get in the right frame of mind to play their best, what I learned from observing them taught me some extremely valuable lessons….

GET UP ALL DAY TO GET LUCKY: Why being single means you’re a rockstar

Reading time: 6 minutes Feb 12th 2014

V-day comes and goes every year. For every single person out there it is yet another reminder that they haven’t met ‘the’ one or ‘a’ one to be with. For some, they don’t care. Being single is the only way that they would have it. For others, getting through the day is the equivalent of water boarding with the difference…

CHANGE HABITS: Breaking Bad Habits

Reading time: 3 minutes Dec 4th 2013

CHANGE HABITS: Breaking Bad Habits Video With Christmas coming up and the new year in sight, habits and your ability to start breaking bad habits and building better ones has never been more important. For more than twenty years, I’ve been working with people and helping them change their behaviours. I started out young and although much has changed in…

Getting to LOVE Valentine’s Day

Reading time: Less than a minute Feb 8th 2013

Approaching that day of love, Owen explains why St. Valentine’s Day should be the best day of the year. Some great advice to help us open our eyes this coming 14th February.

Make a New Year’s PRESOLUTION!

Make a New Year’s PRESOLUTION!
Reading time: 4 minutes Dec 31st 2012

For as long as I’ve remembered new years, I’ve remembered making new year’s resolutions. This is the time of year that you make a bunch of decisions on what you are going to do differently and you vow to stick to them from that magical day January 1st. Of course, January 1st ends up being no more magical than any…

The Ambition – Acceptance Paradox

Reading time: 11 minutes Sep 12th 2012

  “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.” The serenity prayer above is based upon the words of a theologan named Dr. Rheinhold Niebuhr back in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The prayer has gained popularity and is often referenced by…

5 Things Not To Do On TV

Reading time: 2 minutes Apr 3rd 2012

Howdie folks, Cormac here again. I thought I’d have a little fun with this article and find some of the worst TV moments of all time and share them with you! These can serve as important lessons on the road to you mastering your public speaking and avoiding some horrible mistakes that others have unfortunately encountered! Share with your friends,…

Charisma Bootcamp: Look Your Best & Grow In Confidence

Reading time: 2 minutes Mar 23rd 2012

Do you ever go to a business meeting or a networking event and feel that you aren’t dressed quite appropriately? Perhaps you have felt overdressed or underdressed?  Did you feel awkward or out of place? Did you find that your confidence took a hammering just because someone looked you up and down, someone who seemed to be impeccably turned out…

Found in Translation by Owen Fitzpatrick

Reading time: 2 minutes Jan 29th 2011

One of the things that I experience quite a lot in traveling so much is the need to clarify meaning. Even traveling to countries where your native language is used you can still be forced to explain what you mean if your accent or local vocabulary is unfamiliar to them. When you encounter a different language clarification becomes even more…