The 3 Keys to Inspiring Others

The 3 Keys to Inspiring Others
Reading time: 2 minutes Feb 4th 2015

How do the most inspiring people on the planet do what they do? How can you inspire your team as a leader? How can you inspire your children as a parent? Well there are three essential keys to inspiring others that may well be useful for you to know. Be the example. The most important rule of inspirational leadership is to…

5 Effective Strategies to get a Bargain

5 Effective Strategies to get a Bargain
Reading time: 2 minutes Jan 28th 2015

If you are looking to get the best possible bargain whether you are in a department store, car lot or at a street stall in Bangkok, here are some suggestions that will help: 1. Be prepared to walk away. Know what your BATNA is. (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement). Know what you will walk away to if they do not offer…

3 C’s of a Leader

Reading time: Less than a minute Jan 26th 2015

From 2010,  Owen discusses the 3 C’s of a Leader. So much younger then:-) #timetravelthursdays If you found this interesting and would like to sign up to be the first to receive new videos and more useful content from me as I release it, why not sign up at Don’t forget to also subscribe to my YouTube channel at

Turning Good into Great

Turning Good into Great
Reading time: 2 minutes Jan 21st 2015

One of the most underused and effective strategies in sales and marketing enables you to make your product, service or business look even better than it is. Making good look great works on a very important principle in behavioural economics called “reference dependence”. When you are evaluating how valuable something is, you will most likely use reference points by comparing…

3 Viral Videos That Changed Everything

Reading time: 3 minutes Mar 26th 2012

Social media is now an integral part of everyday life and is becoming an even more powerful communication tool for businesses around the world. Creative social media videos that find the magic to go viral will change people’s lives and people’s business in ways unheard of before. Below is a collection of 3 brilliant viral videos that have landed themselves in the history…

To Trust or Not to Trust

Reading time: 3 minutes Sep 30th 2010

For the last couple of years, I have struggled with the concept of trust in the business world. We hear the old phrases ‘you can’t trust anyone’ or ‘everyone is out for themselves’. Sometimes in business and in life it can be easy to fall victim to believing this. But there is a far better way of thinking about things…

What Cicero can teach us about persuasion and public speaking

What Cicero can teach us about persuasion and public speaking
Reading time: 4 minutes Sep 25th 2010

Public speaking is an art form that many would love to master. Whether you need to give a best mans speech at your brothers wedding or you must present an idea at the monthly network meeting, public speaking is a skill many people seek. At present, since I’m busy preparing to launch the upcoming Charisma Bootcamp, I thought I’d share some thoughts on the matter.

The Real Key to Rapport

Reading time: 1 minute Jul 19th 2010

Rapport is a concept that many people have heard of but not everyone knows how to actually make it work in an ethical and consistent way. In this short video, you will learn something that distinguishes those who are great rapport builders from all the rest.

Interview Secrets 1: The Right Attitude

Reading time: 3 minutes Jun 12th 2010

In the modern economic climate, you’re ability to do a good interview has never been more important. To me, there are two important ingredients to doing a good interview. First, your attitude towards it. Second, the skills you use. In this post, I wanna share with you what I believe are the beliefs you must have to succeed. • I…

Interview Secrets 2: The Right Skills

Reading time: 2 minutes Jun 12th 2010

As well as having the right attitude in doing the interviews you do, it’s also important to develop some useful skills before you go in. The following will help. • Make sure that you are smiling a confident smile as if you are happy to meet the interviewers and that you are confident they have met the right person for…