The Real Key to Rapport

Reading time: 1 minute Jul 19th 2010

Rapport is a concept that many people have heard of but not everyone knows how to actually make it work in an ethical and consistent way. In this short video, you will learn something that distinguishes those who are great rapport builders from all the rest.

Book Video Review: The Happiness Habit

Reading time: Less than a minute Jun 1st 2010

Here is a quick review and recommendation for a book entitled ‘The Happiness Habit’ by Brian Colbert. Brian is a colleague who I work with at the Irish Institute of NLP ( and this book truly is a masterpiece.

NLP Posts

Reading time: 1 minute Jun 1st 2010

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be posting Videos and Posts on NLP both teaching basic & advanced skills as well as giving my perspective on the field itself and how best to learn, develop and master the skills of NLP. The material using the techniques and skills of NLP that I use are used with express written…

John LaValle

Reading time: 1 minute May 1st 2010

John LaValle is one of the top NLP trainers and Sales trainers in the world. He personifies the New Jersey Attitude and is hilarious and exceptionally skillful on stage. His understanding of the various NLP models are second to none. John has a powerful ability to create rapport with international audiences and his ability to understand and utilize nuances and…

5 Comments on NLP

Reading time: 1 minute Mar 26th 2010

First NLP forums. Ugh. That sums it up best. It’s not that I have a problem withe everyone that posts. I like a few of the people that post a lot and are quite active. My problem comes when people use forums as an attempt to show how smart they are and try to become gurus online. I want to…

NLP Politics

Reading time: 3 minutes Mar 26th 2010

Warning: The following is written by someone who is blatantly biased. He believes in the Richard Bandler ‘approach’ to NLP.


Reading time: 2 minutes Mar 25th 2010

So to any newbies who haven’t heard of NLP or aren’t sure what it stands for, the N is for Neuro, the L is for Linguistic and the P stands for Programming. The story goes that Richard Bandler (the co-founder & creative genius behind NLP) was pulled over by the cops one day and asked what his job was. Richard…